Logging Into Google Classroom

Logging into Google Classroom from a web browser on a personal device

Before continuing, here are a few things to consider:

  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser and best supported for Google Classroom, click here to download

  • Google Chrome allows you to sign into the browser for personalization, it is important to make sure you do not choose your personal Google account when logging into Google Classroom and instead login with the student's district account

  • Login to The Clever Portal (preferred method)

Choose the student icon from student's school home page

Go directly to the Clever Portal


  • The Login with Google page for Clever should appear automatically

  • Click "Log in with Google"

  • If prompted to choose an account, it is very important the student's district account ending with @losd.ca is chosen

  • If the student's district account is not listed, click "Use another account" and provide district credentials to continue

  • If you get the "Uh Oh" error message, please submit a support ticket to have the student account fixed

  • If you get a page with a list of apps, you have successfully logged into Clever and may continue on to Google Classroom