Student Apps & Resources

Santa Cruz County Office of Education Distance Learning Parent Handbook

Here you find links to some of the apps most commonly used by students in our district.

Clever Portal

For Students: All

Access to all District adopted applications

Google Classroom

For Students: All Access to teacher's online classes and material


For Students: TK - 5 Access to teacher's online classes and material

Google Drive

For Students: All

Location for creating online files and sharing with teachers


For Students: All

For communicating with teachers and staff

Student Credentials

Every student is issued an email / username and password. These credentials are used to not only log onto student devices, such as Chromebooks but also to access all applications that the district provides.

Student ID Card

Most students are issued an ID card that contains information about the student including their credentials. Please refer to the username and password sections on this card when ever prompted on a district device or application.

Clever Badge

Many of our younger students are issued a Clever Badge. Flashing this in front of a Chromebook's webcam at the login screen will automatically log the student in without the need to type their credentials.