Joining a Class

Once logged into Google Classroom you may now access or join classes that teachers have created. If you need help logging into Google Classroom, please refer to these steps

Things to note when you log into Google Classroom:

At first login, it's not uncommon for no classes to be listed and to see this image

Make sure you are logged into Google Classroom with your district provided credentials by clicking the icon at the top right and confirming the account name

There are two ways to join a Class

A teacher has invited you to the class

  • The class should appear on the main screen when you log in

  • Simply click the "Join" button to join the class

A teacher has sent you a Class Code

  • You will need to choose the + sign at the top right corner of the main screen

  • You will be prompted to enter the Class code

  • Code is case sensitive so enter it exactly as it is provided to you

  • If possible, copy and paste the code to avoid any mistypes

  • Click "Join"